Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Girl on Girl! Sorry, meant Cryx on Cryx

Now I know it isn't exciting, but tonight will be my first battle against my own faction. I am playing Geoff, who is infinitely more experienced at table top war games, but I'm only slightly terrified.

I am still not sure who I'm bringing to the table tonight, but we are going to be playing with MKII rules. I have not spent the time going through the new rules and cards so it could be a slower game than Geoff likes. I am also planning on playing some models I haven't played, so it could be brutal.

If only Whelp Pale Ale was ready to drink I could have a bottle of that to provide some liquid courage.

I will post my list and how the battle turns out tomorrow. There is a possibility of a 25 pt MKII game against Menoth later in the evening, but I will have to see what how late it is.


McCryx said...

It was a close game. I blame myself really. I put the nightmare too far to the flank to really benefit from the prey ability. Usually I can get the turn two caster kill with it. Good job keeping Skarre protected. I had to really manuver to get to her. If I hadn't killed you that turn you'd of had me.

Trem Shaun said...

I needed to be more familiar with the rules of my models too. I forgot that Deathjack was ghostly and forgot the feat. That was a fun game though. I enjoyed playing against a bunch of stuff that is on my covet list.