Sunday, December 21, 2008

Paint, Paint, Paint

It turned into a pretty productive weekend of painting.  Kimberly finished the pistol wraith that she was working on as well as providing most of the paint for the machine wraith.  I added some finishing touches.  I finished off the bile thralls as well as Deneghra.  Asphyxious is primed as well as the mechanithralls and gormin de wulfe.  The cankerworm is almost assembled but not primed and the soulhunters just look intimidating to assemble.  I'm getting closer to that 750 pt level once I get Darragh Wrathe and a couple two more bile thralls to complete the unit I will be there.

I will add the rest tomorrow.

Friday, December 19, 2008

A loss to Cygnar

Well another round of warmachine yesterday, but a new opponent. John was busy with a 750 pt. match against Khador so I faced against a more seasoned Cygnar player. I was actually pretty pleased with my performance. I had him backing up and made him think a lot. The pistol wraiths once again were a menace to my oppent as I almost took out his caster with a combination of crippling grasp and then shots from the pistol wraiths. I did waste my feat however. I moved Deneghra up and popped the feat only to realized that I could not target his Knights with magic, and he had everything else surrounded by Knights. It came down to his jack finally finishing off Deneghra, but overall a good game. I purchases some soulhunters and garmin de wulfe to assemble for next time.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bitter Defeat

I had two battles last night and unfortunately lost both.

I don't mind losing it is all part of the learning process, but it is frustrating when the dice just seem cursed. I do have to hand it to John that he did a great job of blocking my line of sight to Kreoss making it extremely difficult for me to get off any spells or shots. I did have him lined up and then just couldn't get the dice rolls I needed, which was unfortunate because I did not have to roll that high.

The 2nd game was against a more seasoned player fielding Khador. He pretty much immediately took out most of my units. He did however leave his caster open to a pistol wraith that I had on the edge of the board. I was able to sneak an arc node so I could get line of sight, I then moved up Deneghra popped her feat and then followed it up with parasite to lower the armor. I attacked with venom which did very little damage, and then went in for the kill with the pistol wraith. Unfortunately the cursed dice returned. I needed to roll a 4 on two dice to kill the caster and I rolled a two. This led to my demise soon after when it giant jack stomped over and pummeled me. I did get a lot of tactical help from more experienced players during this game or I am sure I would have have made it that close, but overall the night was a great learning experience.

I hope to have the cankerworm and asphyxious put together for next week.

Oh, one other note. Kube, a guy we work with, showed up and borrowed some Hordes models and played against another newbie. Kube scored his first victory and will hopefully become hooked so I have another Tremonton player for those days I don't feel like driving over the mountain.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Picked up a New Trick

I really need to research my models a bit more before I start playing. I did not play my bile thralls correctly last time. I did not realize that purge was an auto hit of everything within 6 inches of the front arc. I kept rolling to hit and with a rat of 3 I wasn't having much luck against the Knights Exemplar.

But now I know for next time.