Friday, May 1, 2009

Whelp Pale Ale......Day 14

Ah, what a lovely two week old baby.  I don't have children, but treat my beers as tenderly as anyone would a child.  Well other than the shaking at the beginning to get some oxygen in there for the yeast.  I don't suggest anyone do that with a real baby.

We are 14 days into fermentation and it looks like primary fermentation is complete.  We started with a specific gravity of 1.054.  At the end of primary fermentation it looks like the specific gravity is 1.008.

This is the formula for calculating percent alcohol by volume.

((Beginning specific gravity - end specific gravity) x 105) x 1.25)

Using the 1.054 and 1.008 the %ABV (Alcohol by Volume) is 6.0375.

I tasted the sample that I pulled and it has a very floral hop aroma and taste.  It will be transferred to the secondary fermenter with additional hops tomorrow and will age for another two weeks.  The alcohol content is set, now it is just going to be adjusting the flavor and mouthfeel with additional hops and carbonation.

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