Thursday, February 26, 2009

First tournament victory!

For those of you that have been keeping up with this blog or John's you know that we just recently started a 4 week long tournament. This if my first tournament experience and my first experience with timed rounds. I ended up playing against Caleb and he chose a merc list that was fielding 4 mules as well as some other models which I will list in a more detailed report. I fielded my Deneghra list. We ended up with the crossed lines scenario which definitely gave me an advantage since it got me closer to his forces without having to wade through the AOE's

Like I said more detailed battle report to come, but in the end I pulled out the win and started the tournament with 3 points for achieving the objectives of the scenario.

Monday, February 23, 2009

H.B. 51 Passes the Utah State Senate

Woohooo. All that is left is the governor's signature and I can legally make my tasty homebrew in Utah instead of having to make it in Idaho, or at least say I make it in Idaho.

I am considering talking to the organizers of the Box Elder County fair and see what their thoughts of having a homebrew competition are. I think I'm going to fuel my jacks with some tasty homebrew.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday's Results

I showed up to John's a little later than I planned but I did get to see Scot and John finish their 350 pt. game. I'm pretty sure that Scot is hooked. Dallas then showed up and I was going to let Scot field a 500 pt cryx army against him, but Scot was going to have to leave so just watched the start.

This is the list I fielded:

500 pt. Deneghra List.

Deathripper (2)
Bloat Thrall
Bile Thralls (7)
Mechanithralls (6)
Pistol Wraith (2)
Gorman Di Wulfe

Dallas was fielding Privateer Mercenaries.

Broadsides Bart
Dirty Meg
Master Gunner Dougal
Ayanna and Holt
Mariner (2)

Well it was my first time playing a mercenary army. It was a good fight, but battling through the AOE's really took their toll on me. I was able to use the Bloat Thrall to take out Dirty Meg relatively quickly and with a combination of spells I was able to get the cankerworm to Bart, but he had popped his feat so I was at -3 to attack rolls. I was not able to do that amount of damage I wanted too.

In the end he brought all of the jacks to base to base with Deneghra and attacked. He missed with all attacks. Bart then charged and missed the charge attack but hit with the extra attacks. I survived and then went on the offensive. I cast crippling grasp and boosted and hit with the first attack and boosted damage but my rolls were less than spectacular. I was able to buy another attack but I missed. That was all I could do, the next turn Bart finished me off.

This was a good game and came down to hand to hand combat between the casters. Dallas said it was retribution for when I beat his Troll army a few weeks back. The mercenary army looked like it would be really fun to play with. I think that I may see a larger version of it in the tournament that starts later this week.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Get em hooked!

John and I have been working on getting another co-worker involved with Warmachine. John is going to have him over to his house tomorrow morning to teach him the ropes with the PoM. I am going to show up a little later and let him get a taste of Cryx. I unfortunately do not have enough models to let him borrow an army on a consistent basis, so he will most likely be playing as PoM for a while. I can at least let him get a taste of the undead and maybe I will get him hooked.

I am going to put together a 500 point list to let him play with and I'm thinking of fielding Deneghra and then a collection of bile thralls, mechanithralls, pistol wraith, the cankerworm and a few as yet to be determined goodies thrown in there.

I am also working on lists for the tournament which starts next week. I have enough speed to be competitive at most of the scenarios, but I'm worried I might not have enough fire power. When I get the lists put together I will post them.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Haley.....A Masochist's Dream!

Well I had my first experience playing against Haley. I have to say that if you enjoy a slow drawn out death this is the one to play against. I had temporal barrier cast against me every single turn. I did not bring anything with reliable ranged attacks so as I would move in and try to attack I was getting picked off by long gunners, gun mages, the black 13th, and most of all the thunderhead's lightning coil.

I am going to have to do some research on how to effectively play against Haley because since I have been playing this is by far the most one sided game I have played. I was able to do a fair amount of damage to Thorn and the Thunderhead with my Soulhunter, Darragh Wrathe, and my Slayer, but I did not remove a single model from play until it was down to just Deneghra and the slayer. I moved Deneghra up popped her feat and tried to catch Haley in a scourge template, which I didn't. I did kill off some long gunners, and then I used venom to take out the gun mage, eEiryss, and half of the black 13th. I then abruptly died at the hands of Thorn.

I picked up a Bloat Thrall which gives me that 12 inch pow 14 5" AOE, but the rat is a 4 and he is pretty slow so I'm not likely to get reliable hits with this. I can run him up and dare my opponent to kill him. I'm just thinking out loud at this point.

We are starting a month long tournament soon and we find out our first pairing next week. We are allowed to have 2 lists and we have to choose a list and then we will randomly select one of the scenarios from prime. The only one we are leaving out is mangled metal. I am limited to basically taking the same army with possibly just a different caster. I am going to have to think this through, I would like to at least be competitive in the tournament.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Painting Units Sucks!

As you may have noticed there have not been too many pictures of painted models on my blogs lately.

The reason for this is that I am buried in painting units. I am trying to make sure that the various shades and tints are a nice match across the entire unit and this can become very monotonous. I am currently working on a unit of Mechanithralls and I hope to have it finished or at least to a respectable stage within the next couple of weeks. I think that after that I may start on the Cankerworm for a break from units. I love playing the units provided in Cryx and I like the look of a painted unit when I'm done, but I really do not enjoy the process of painting them. I prefer the individuality afforded with painting jacks and casters, it seems lost after you paint the 3rd member of a unit almost identically to the first two.

Anyways the whole point of this post was to let you all know that I will eventually get more pictures of painted models up, and I hope to be adding some new models over the next few weeks. I am planning on picking up a bloat thrall on Wednesday to add some ranged ability to my army. I also like the fact that if you charge him in you are just daring your opponent to kill him and risk the consequences.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fajitas, Margaritas, and Musically Inclined Homeless People

I just got back from San Antonio.  It was a pretty good trip.  I learned a lot and met some interesting people.  A few of us went to dinner on the river walk and ate at Cafe Rio.  We had fajitas and a few margaritas.  That part of the title I imagine everyone understood.  We then were serenaded by a homeless man who had some pipes on him.  He belted out some Tom Petty and Kenny Rogers.  We were all feeling pretty good so we decided to sing along.  I would like to think that the other people within hearing distance appreciated the shower.

I finally have my army in an Army transport or my mishap last week.  I was on my way home and someone pulled out in front of me, I hit the breaks and the toolbox even with the eggshell foam was not enough to prevent some serious damage to my soul hunters.

I am looking forward to playing next week.  It sounds like there may be a multi-week tournament being put together.  The level of experience among those playing is quite diverse so it should be interesting to see where I land.

Congrats to John, I just heard he beat the trolls this afternoon.  I think I beat him to posting about it.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Well no Warmachine this week. So I am glad I got two really good games in last week. I am off to San Antonio, Texas for a couple of days for work. I will not be flying on the beechcraft this trip.

Good luck to John against the Trolls this week, and next week I will be ready to kick some ass again. It seems like a week off suits me.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Updated Report

My first game was against Dallas at 750 pts. He was playing Trollbloods and I was fielding my Deneghra 750 pt list. The terrain positioning really did not benefit me. The cankerworm and an arc node were quickly destroyed by his champions and his caster threw a bomb and killed my lead soulhunter. This was round 2 or 3 I believe. I knew I was going to be in trouble so I decided to go for a caster kill which up to that point has not been too successful against Hordes players. I ran an arc node up next to his caster and then activated Deneghra. I moved up up so that I caught almost all of his army in her control range and popped her feat. All of their stats were -2. I then cast crippling grasp on his caster and that dropped his stats another 2, and then I followed it with casting parasite on his caster which dropped his armor by 3. In the end I had lowered his defense by 4 and his armor by 7. I then activated Darragh Wrathe and used Death Ride to move the soulhunters up and inch prior to activating them. This allowed both of my remaining soulhunters to be within charge range of his caster. The first soulhunter was able to hit with the mount, the scythe, and the sickle. The second was only able to hit with the reach weapon. He did shove some of the damage off to his beasts, but in the end I was able to kill him. I also had a pistol wraith in reserve just in case the soulhunters couldn't pull out the win. I was extremely happy to have my first win against Hordes and against a faction other than Protectorate of Menoth.

The second game was a 500 point game against John who brought Kreoss and a bunch of Knights exemplar to the party. I fielded the Skarre list that I had in my post yesterday. John popped his feat and knocked everyone down except my pistol wraiths. I thought I was screwed, but he couldn't quite reach me with the Seneshal when he charged. I stood up and walked a bile thrall to within an inch of Skarre and then I popped her feat. I sacrificed the bile thrall to drop a POW 18 Skarre bomb on Kreoss. I however failed to kill him. I was sure I was dead. John attacked Skarre with the Seneshal but because of the feat I had a 20 armor and the initial attack missed and the second did not do enough damage. John then used Ayanna and Holt to kill my pistol wraith. I think that at this point if John and chosen to kill my last bile thrall instead that I would have lost. One my next turn I moved my last bile thrall up to Skarre and sacrificed it to drop a POW 13 Skarre bomb on Kreoss. This was enough to finish the job. I normally don't play my casters that far up but with her shorter control range I had to. It was an interesting game and came so close to going the other way.

All in all it was a fun night and a couple of great games.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Two for Two

I will give a more detailed report tomorrow, but I went two for two tonight, which I believe is a first for me.  I played a 750 game against trollbloods and finally perfected Deneghra's feat and debuff combos which led to the victory.

The second game was 500 points with the list I posted earlier.  I played against John.  I am going to have to do some more research on the Skarre bomb to make sure that I played it correctly.  If so it is really not that much fun, I mean yeah you win but it takes a lot from the game.  If I played it incorrectly I robbed John of a victory.  I am going to do some research on that before I play her again.

Both really fun games.  More to come later.

Skarre and the Great Rack!

Ok the name of that weapon is just too much fun to say. I have decided to give Skarre a try at a 500 point level. I have not played with her before and I know that I'm missing Bane Knights which enhance the Skarre Bomb but oh well. I figure I will see what she is all about and of course I will have to try the Skarre Bomb once and I will use either Bile Thralls or Mechanithralls.

Here is the list. 498/500 points

Deathripper (2)
Bile Thralls (8)
Mechanithralls (6)
Pistol Wraith (2)
Gorman Di Wulfe

I don't know how this is going to run against anyone, this is a very typical 500 point list for me with any caster. I was tempted to pull out the slayer and a pistol wraith and see if I could fit in the cankerworm and darragh wrathe, but maybe next time.

If anyone has any suggestions about what to do with Skarre let me know. I typically play my casters back but I usually have a 7 focus and Skarre is only 6.

It should be fun tonight. I am also bringing the 750 pt Deneghra list that I put in a previous post.