Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No....I'm not Dead!

I have felt like dying the last couple of weeks, but no I'm not dead.

Nothing beats an early summer cold... oh wait, yeah having an early summer cold while travelling cross country.

I was in North Carolina a couple of weeks ago, got a cold and then came back to Utah and felt like I was going to die. I would have preferred if the weather had stayed overcast and crappy but not it got nice.

I suffered through work and am not feeling a little better. Whelp Pale Ale is now carbonating it bottles.

I will try one in a few days but it is best to let it carbonate for a couple of weeks.

We travelled to Idaho and visited the family. Played with all of the crazy neices and nephews and went to my brother's graduation.

With the weather warming up it looks like warmachine has dropped down a bit on my list of priorities. Work is keeping me pretty busy with an upcoming food safety audit. When I'm at home we are working on the yard and garden and preparing to start finishing the basement.

Oh and and the really fun side of things I am researching stuff to do when we go to Oahu and Maui. I am still finding some time to get hiking in and hope to at least get a few nights in a bag this summer.

I hope to still get the occassional game over in Logan and Kim and I have created our own board and we are making terrain so we will get a few games in at home.

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